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No Disk Sleep - небольшая утилита, предотвращающая переход жесткого диск в спящий режим. Такая операция позволит предотвратить вращение головки жесткого диска на пониженных / повышенных оборотах, что по идее должно увеличить продолжительность жизни HDD. Еще эта программа может быть полезна особенно нетерпеливым пользователям, которые не хотят ждать каждый раз порядка 15 секунд для доступа к внешнему жесткому диску.

New version 0. I will still work on the program to improve it. Use revoSleep-Board to post your opinion, problem or some hint to improve revoSleep! So use it carefully - using revoSleep at your own risk. Setting Hard Disks to standby-mode very often, can damage the devices. In the main affecting nforce drivers.

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A special option in Windows 10 allows the user to turn off hard drives automatically after a specified period of inactivity. This feature is helpful for those who need to save energy, i. When enabled, your HDD will be turned off after your PC being idle during the configured period of time. The hard drive engine will be stopped and its disks will not spin. Next time your software access the drive, it will take a few seconds before the drive start spinning and give access to files. They have no spinning parts and more power efficient than the classic HDDs. Warning: Do not set the idle period to a small amount of minutes. It will wear out your HDD and trash its heads.

How to Fix A Bulging Disc -No surgery:

The server was up, the network was working, but no login could be successful. Aborting and disabling the modes above let out controller to work till replacement. If you experience any kind of strange disk hangs or freezes you can try our solution here! Check below to see how to do it yourself. Here is the output after which the server hangs up and the disk array is unreadable for the operating system:. Several resets and the situation got worse.

Windows 10 - Turn off HDD \u0026 Sleep Settings:

Hi all, I am setting up my second OMV server. This time I am trying to set a spin-down time for all the data disks. Also in the system log there are some CRON jobs running. Probably they are system CRON jobs. I would use iosnoop for this Hi tkaiser , how can the all 5 data disk have activities?

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