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FileMenu Tools - удобное приложение, которое дает возможность пользователю редактировать контекстное меню Windows Explorer (добавление или удаление дополнительных пунктов). К основным возможностям программы относятся:

Этим возможности программы не ограничиваются. FileMenu Tools оснащена целым набором инструментов, с помощью которых можно намного упростить такие стандартные действия. как:

FileMenu Tools настраивает пункты контекстного меню проводника Windows, позволяя самостоятельно составить список нужных команд. Одним щелчком мыши можно переименовать, скопировать, переместить, удалить файлы, запустить нужные программы, скопировать выделение в буфер обмена, вызвать антивирусный. Все права успешно нарушены. Вход Через логин Забыли пароль? Разделы сайта. Навигация по сайту Windows Windows 10 Windows 8.

Free File Menu Tool for Windows XP, Vista and 7:

In addition to adding new options, FileMenu Tools also allows you to remove unneeded commands from your existing right-click menu configuration. Copyright Snapfiles. Copyright SnapFiles. All other trademarks are the sole property of their respective owners. Save for later Add to Favorites. Download FileMenu Tools. User Reviews 5 stars 8 4 stars 0 3 stars 2 2 stars 0 1 star 0 Based on 10 reviews. From V 7.

Menu contextual: Trucos como editarlo y descarga de File Menu Tools:

FileMenu Tools Portable is the portable version of FileMenu Tools , a software application that provides a user-friendly environment for helping you customize the context menu of Windows Explorer. It is possible to perform multiple operations over files and folders by either using the built-in functions or creating custom commands. The application provides various dedicated parameters for helping you copy, move, duplicate, pack or unpack, delete files and folders, as well as many other functions. The user-defined commands can be created by adding submenus and separators. You can remove entries from the list as well. During our testing we have noticed that the program is able to carry out a task very quickly and without errors throughout the entire process.

Short Cut Part 1 - Add File Menu Tools [VISTA]:

FileMenu Tools lets you customize your Windows Explorer experience, so you have all of the tools and options you need at your disposal all of the time. Customized menus: Through FileMenu Tools, you can choose what items show up on various right-click menus in Windows Explorer. In addition to adding and removing standard items, you can also add your own custom entries to these menus in just a few steps. Other tools: In addition to menu customization options, this app also provides you with a nice set of other tools to help you increase efficiency while working. These include an Advanced Renamer, tools for copying and moving folders and files to new locations, a command line interface window for advanced users, and many more. Overwhelming to beginners: Because there are so many options available in this program, it can be a bit overwhelming to someone without a lot of computer experience. FileMenu Tools is a handy free utility that can provide some excellent benefits to anyone with enough experience or determination to take advantage of all it has to offer.

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