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Simple SMS Gateway - небольшая программа для одиночной, либо массовой рассылки sms с любого телефона на базе Android, подключенного по Wi-fi и находящегося в одной локальной сети с рассылающим компьютером.

Возможности Simple SMS Gateway:

Принцип работы Simple SMS Gateway достаточно прост:

  1. Подключить ваш телефон к Wi-fi через роутер, либо через программу Connectify напрямую к ПК.
  2. Ввести IP-адрес вашего телефона в программу и нажать "Окей".

Внимание! Для рассылки без ограничений ваш телефон должен иметь Root-права и программу SMS Limit Tool

Для отправки одиночных sms это не так важно.


We lead the SMS service provider market with a tailored and competitively priced SMS web platform as well as a variety of business text messaging solutions. We work with some of the most prominent businesses in the world to enhance and sustain customer engagement and drive results. SMS is one of the most powerful tools available to marketers. SMS can be used to run surveys, send reminders, facilitate bookings and to advertise special offers to drive greater sales. We pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive SMS integration support for your business. Connect to SMS Gateway services with confidence and full support from our industry-leading technicians. In other words, no matter what systems and processes you already have in place for connecting with your customers, our API library can offer you more options and control.

Send SMS Via API Integration using PHP:

Login ohne Risiko. Versenden Sie Gutscheine, Rabatte oder Einladungen. Einfach und wirkungsvoll. Ohne Streuverlust. Egal, in welcher Branche Sie zuhause sind. Und das beste daran: Alles passiert vollautomatisch. SMS sind schneller am Ziel.

Send or Receive Free SMS in PHP:

In order to remain competitive, one must adapt to the new ways of selling products and services, such as integrating with an API for sending SMS messages. If you have not integrated your business systems with a functional SMS API, your marketing strategies are not up-to-date and you might lose your clients to competitors. Twilio has 3 different APIs for different functionalities:. This is the perfect API for adding authentication into your mobile app with a verification code via text message. Telesign SMS Verify credits vary depending on the recipient country, which can see here.

WooCommerce SMS notifications - Enable SMS Notification on a New Order in your WooCommerce website:

With so many providers to choose from, how do you decide which one is right for your business? This will allow recipients to reply to the texts they receive. The number is not shared with other users but is unique to you. Replies are routed to a URL that you specify in your account. Incoming texts can also be sent to you via email. Free keyword on our shortcode keyword on a shortcode allows you to add a text response option to your marketing channels, e.

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