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Files to Phones - программа обеспечивает простой и быстрый способ передачи любых файлов (MP3, JPG, TXT, 3GP, MP4 и т.п) на любые мобильные телефоны, коммуникаторы, ноутбуки, нетбуки, ПК, используя Bluetooth. Поддерживается работа с драйверами BlueSoleil, Toshiba, WidComm/Broadcomm и Microsoft. Программа не требует установки никакого дополнительного ПО.
Files to Phones умеет слать файлы сразу на несколько телефонов (в несколько потоков). Таким образом, вы можете легко закачать, например, пакет новых рингтонов или фотографий сразу на несколько телефонов! Имеется возможность ограничить круг получателей файлов используя ПИН код для аутентификации, т.е. файлы сможет получить только тот телефон, владелец которого введет правильный код для аутентификации. Если аутентификация не используется, то программа шлет файлы на все телефоны находящиеся в зоне покрытия Bluetooth адаптера.

Your smartphone is a powerful computer in your pocket — and with Android, part of that PC-like muscle means being able to plug your phone into any Windows, Mac, or Chrome OS system and then drag and drop files either way. Unlike iPhones, Android devices allow you to access their file systems directly from a desktop, without the need for any cumbersome interfaces or complicated procedures. In fact, transferring files to or from an Android device is basically no different than plugging an external hard drive into your computer and moving data to or from it. Got it? With Windows, things are as simple as can be.

How to Recover Deleted Files From Android Phone:

Organize your phone effectively with Android Transfer for PC. Your phone is important, with files and information you may not have anywhere else. Many applications that would otherwise incur costs are free with Android Transfer! The library of free apps is large and growing! Everything from music to files to applications are kept organized the way you want so you can find the things you need, when you need to find them. Nothing could be easier! Using your computer to manage all your mobile device files, providing consistency across devices and making sure everything is backed up gives great peace of mind.

How to access your broken phone from pc ,Recover files from a broken Phone:

Fone enjoys the trust of millions of users around the world and it has also received acclaim from reputed media outlets such as PC World, Forbes, CNET, etc. This may be the distinguishing factor that sets Dr. Fone apart from its competitors. Fone serves as much better iTunes. And it does a lot more. The app also lets you back up and restore WhatsApp messages. Open the Start menu in the lower left corner of your desktop.

How to Transfer all files between computer and Mobile Wirelessly For Free ?:

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