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Zombie Knight (Рыцарь Зомби) - игра экшн-РПГ с элементами стратегии. Черный Король наложил проклятие на рыцаря и превратил его в зомби. Прокачайте своего рыцаря и отомстите Черному Королю, снимите проклятие Зомби! Вы можете покупать и продавать оружие, завоевывать земли, использовать магию для создания своей Армии Зомби.

Log in. Novel Updates Forum. The Zombie Knight Saga is back! Tags: the zombie knight saga updated after one year woohoo! Site link About the story First chapter. Waaazzap , Oct 18, Wow this is nostalgic.

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JiG is on Patreon and Needs You! Click here for more information. Moving is done with the [arrow] keys double-tap to dash while [A],[S] and [D] let you block, strike and use your skills. Skills are bought with gold and can be as mundane as a dash attack to spawning your own monsters or bringing down lightning bolts. Each such attack drains your blue energy bar, which you replenish with vials dropped by fallen enemies it also slowly recovers.

Zombie Knights 3 - ZK3 (2013):

Zombie Knight You need to have Flash enabled on your browser. Flash is a multimedia platform designed to display animations, browser games, videos and rich internet applications. Play Now! Play Now Play as a brave zombie knight and slay hordes of vicious zombies sent out to devour you! Suggested Games. Fireboy and Watergirl: The Forest Temple. Vex 4.

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