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Simply Keno - программа для игры в КЕНО. Позволяет вести базу тиражей и получать некоторые статистические данные. Реализован механизм фильтров, который отбирает небольшое число пар и/или чисел по разным критериям. Есть возможность использования лучших на сегодняшний день систем с возможностью выбора чисел для системы в автоматическом и/или ручном режиме.

The gambling game of Keno goes back a very long way, to ancient China. Legend states that the game was first devised by a Chinese official in ancient times who had embezzled funds and was looking for a way to pay the funds back. So he came up with the idea of the gambling game, and it was so successful that he not only recouped the money he stole, he became wealthy. Keno is also said to have been used by the Chinese government to fund wars, and even to help pay for the construction of the Great Wall of China. So it goes back thousands of years and for most of that time remained a secret of the Chinese. When Chinese immigrants came to the New World, they brought keno with them, and Chinese communities in urban areas would have several keno parlors operating, usually in the upper floor of a Chinese business.


Follow Us:. Keno Night stands out for its simplicity and the chance of winning a lot of money with relatively small bets. For those players who simply like guessing numbers in a lottery format without getting sidetracked with various sophisticated animations, Keno Night will certainly be the right choice. A green Keno playing board containing cells with 80 numbers and 20 yellow balls above it, is embedded in a black background. The essence of the game is the same and as easy as ever: if a few out of the 10 selected numbers match the numbers on the 20 drawn yellow balls, a player wins. In every round 20 numbers are drawn. A player can make up to 50 bets in each round. Various bet levels are available in this game.

Best Keno Numbers Combinations:

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