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FlyingStar - программа для создания карты летящих звезд ФэнШуй, используя пять методов:  

Вкладка "звезды времени" помогает рассчитать летящие звезды года, месяца и дня. Солнечный год в соответствии с китайским календарем начинается 21-22 декабря прошлого года (в день Зимнего Солнцестояния). Месяц в начале календарного месяца (4-7 числа).

Вкладка "звезды пространства" включает пять методов.

Имеет справочную систему. Помогает оценить энергетику пространства: квартиры, дома, офиса.

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Flying Stars Feng Shui Holy Crap!:

This website is the result of many years of hard work and thought. The technology is revolutionary in that it allows a person with knowledge of Feng Shui to quickly analyze a property in a matter of minutes instead of spending hours or days figuring out things from books and almanacs. This is only the beginning, there are 7. Please join the revolution! At this time this website provides the following tools BioGeometry is a science that offers an explaination of all natural phenomena in an objective and repeatable way. It is also clear that BioGeometry was understood and used by ancient Egyptians. In the present day, BioGeometry is used to neutralize the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation and, like Feng Shui, it enhances living spaces to the benefit of its occupants but even in a more dramatic way!

The Flying Stars Of Brooklyn,NY - My God Has A Telephone (Skalpel Jazz Edits):

Written by Geomancy. Posted in Feng Shui Courses. San Dian - Xing Xiang Xue 1. Personal E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Certificate for Xuan Kong Feng Shui sent by mail after completion of your course. Home Geomancy.

Rimworld: Space Simulation #1 - Hidden Research Facility:

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