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FreeVimager - бесплатная программа для просмотра и редактирования изображений. Кроме этого поддерживает функции воспроизведения аудио/видео файлов стандартных форматов.

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Search Image Search Yahoo! Goto download section. Author : Contaware. Download Now. Size: 1. Freemake Free Audio Converter 1. Personal Video Database 0.

How to download FreeVimager 9.9.10 – Final:

Look no further than FreeVimager. FreeVimager is an image viewer and editor that helps you edit and view your photographs with great ease. You can either download the application, then install or use the portable version. Since the portable version does not need any installation, it is very handy to carry as well. As soon as you open the application, the main window will appear on the screen, that will ask you the formats of the supported file. To select the file, you can either browse the file or can drag and drop feature, as per your convenience.

FreeVimager - просмотр изображений в виде слайдшоу:

Most graphical editors are either for photos or video but FreeVimager allows you to do both, albeit to a limited extent. FreeVimager is particularly useful for anyone who normally uses their camera for both photos and videos which most of us do. First of all, FreeVimager is extremely lightweight for both an image and video editor weighing in at just over 10MB. One aspect which is particularly useful is that of multi-monitor support which basically means that you can work on multiple projects at once - for example one photos project and one video project. FreeVimager is also suitable for those in the know or who need technical data when it comes to photos because it maintains EXIF data when resaving and editing photos so you can see at a glance the aperture, exposure and file size instantly. You can process an unlimited number of images at once as FreeVimager also comes equipped with a very basic slideshow creator. You can also preview print jobs, create collages and it optimises images for sending by e-mail by basically reducing their size without losing the quality.

Программа для просмотра фото FreeVimager. Программа для редактирования фото:

Программа для просмотра и редактирования изображений. Наличие функции воспроизведения аудио и видео файлов стандартных форматов. Сохранение в формат PDF и поддержка Unicode. Стандартные функции обработки: поворот, изменение размера, настройка яркости, контрастности и цветности, наложение фильтров, удаление эффекта "красных глаз" и т. Поддержка на сенсорных экранах жестов увеличения и уменьшения изображения, а также "листания". Режим слайд-шоу и пакетная обработка.

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