SaveGame Backup Manager

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SaveGame Backup Manager - утилита, делающая точные копии папок, сохраняя все содержимое и запоминая по времени, когда было сделано сохранение. С ее помощью можно сохранять не только бесценные сейвы от игр, а и другие файлы и папки над которыми вы работали. В определенный момент времени делается снимок, а потом при дальнейших изменениях все быстро можно вернуть к любому из предыдущих состояний. Указывать файлы и папки для бекапа необходимо вручную. Приложение не требует установки.

Sony has made many boneheaded decisions with the Vita. Out of those many bonehead decisions, possibly one of the worst was forcefully tying saved game backups to the entire game. Having to backup 3. The kicker? Well, if you wanted more excuses to dump your own games and play them that way, now you have Vita Save Manager thanks to developer d3m3vilurr.

Remnant: From the Ashes - Save Backup \u0026 World Analyser (PC ONLY):

A corrupted hard drive, accidental overwrite or deletion, or even a glitch in your game could destroy hours of progress. On the PlayStation 3, you have several options for backing up and importing saved data. You can back up your PS3 saves to local media , such as a flash drive, external hard drive, or SD card. Visit the PlayStation Plus homepage to sign up if needed. Warning: Formatting your drive will permanently erase everything on it. Make sure to copy any important files to another location before proceeding! Look for your drive; it will likely have the name of its manufacturer.

Backup and Move Game Saves GameSave Manager Tutorial:

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Mii Save Game Manager GX:

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