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Lyrics Finder - приложение для поиска и заполнения текстов песен, которые есть в музыкальной библиотеке пользователя. Такая программа прежде всего придется по душе всем меломанам и любителям караоке.

Не все знают, но многие проигрыватели поддерживают возможность отображения текста песни во время ее проигрывания, однако в большинстве случаев эти самые тексты отсутствуют в каталоге. Так вот именно это и исправляет Lyrics Finder. Переместив нужные файлы песен в окно программы, запустится их текстовый поиск на нескольких ресурсах, после чего слова запишутся на ПК.

Удобно, что программа никогда не перезаписывает уже существующие файлы, это избавляет от дубляжа текстов и лишней траты времени.

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Imagine Dragons - Natural (Lyrics):

Updated on August 07, A well said statement! Music is love and it can heal any wound; whether you had a bad day or want to fuel your emotions, a song can do the trick. We all need music in our lives, and mobile app technology has brought it on our fingertips. There are plenty of applications available in the store offering the song lyric services. Also featured in: Best Free Android Apps.

AC/DC - Thunderstruck (Official Video):

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Lyric Search App With React \u0026 Context API [1] - Top 10 Tracks:

As you might figure out from its name, Lyrics Finder helps you quickly search for lyrics for songs in your audio collection and displays them on-screen. It adopts a straightforward approach, which is clearly reflected by the simple layout of the interface. To ease your work even more, it provides drag and drop support, which means that you can add new songs to the list by simply dragging and dropping a file from Windows Explorer or your music player to the main GUI. Alternatively, you can use the dedicated dialogs to open audio files in MP3 or M4A format in your computer or let the application search through a folder of your choice and grab the supported audio files. All the loaded files are displayed in an organized manner, along with the name of the artist and the song title, which can be freely edited by the user. The integrated player enables you to listen to the song while viewing the lyrics, which can help during home karaoke sessions. Lyrics Finder comes with a minimum set of options, but it does its job as promised. It finds lyrics for the songs in your library on the Internet, enabling you to create a complete music collection.

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