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File Spliter - очень простая утилита для разбивки любых типов файлов на несколько частей. Это может пригодиться например, для записи большого файла на дискеты или CD/DVD-диски. После запуска программы выбираете нужный для разбивки файл, размер каждого фрагмента и запускаете процесс разделения. Кстати, когда выберите размер отдельного кусочка, то сразу же увидите и их общее количество. Собрать в последствии из фрагментов итоговый файл тоже очень просто - запустите файл-сборку, который сам объединит отдельные элементы.

Large File Splitter is a freeware to divide up big file in Microsoft windows. It helps make much easier the internet distribution and the file sharing by dividing big files into small pieces. Large File Splitter works with a built-in MD5 checksum to ensure the correct reconstruction of the original file. Free and simple to use interface 2. Can create a bat file so that the splitted parts can rebuild automatically 3.

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The project introduces some nice features of the Streams present in the. NET Base Classes. Routinely, however, I find a need to split files when transfering files over the internet using FTP, email, etc. While utilities such as WinRar do this for you, in the end you have to pay for the software for a simple task. This event will just provide the percent of completion of the task in process. Not all properties of the class are utilized by the UI.

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Released: Aug 7, View statistics for this project via Libraries. Author: Juan Carlos Blanco Delgado. Tags csv, split, splitter. Or you can download direct from Github and install it manually. Please see License File for more information. Aug 7,

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File splitter Pro a tool for splitting large files into pieces of any selected size and naturally — with the same tool you can merge File splitter Pro a tool for splitting large files into pieces of any selected size and naturally — with the same tool you can merge these pieces back into one large file. But unlike other similar software HJSplit is a popular set of freeware file-splitting programs created by Freebyte. SplitFiles goal is to split chop big file in smaller segments to be able to store them in floppy disks or CDs these are just examples, the target size is fully customizable. The main feature if compared File Splitter is a freeware program which does not require installation and can be used to split files to multiple chunks as well as to merge multiple chunks into a single file. Split a file or Concat a group of files by dragging a file on the program icon in the Dock or by clicking a button above.

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