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FairStars HashFiles - не требующая установки утилита для вычисления хэш сумм одного или нескольких файлов. Доступны параметры MD5, CRC32, SHA1 и SHA256. Чтобы добавить нужный для анализа файл, можно воспользоваться соответствующими кнопками на панели "Добавить файл" или "Добавить папку".

Кроме того, поддерживается технология drag-n-drop для простого перетаскивания файлов. Полученные суммы легко копируются в буфер обмена или сохраняются в текстовом формате.

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It is always a good idea to double-check the file you have downloaded off the Internet, no matter the source, since ill-intentioned people can tamper with them without the knowledge of their owner. In addition to scanning them for malicious components, you can also compare their hash values with the ones displays on their homepage and HashFiles is one of the apps you can turn to for calculating the checksums of your files. The application comes with an intuitive and straighforward interface, so even those with very little computer skills can still make the most of its functions. You can start by adding a file to the main window of HashFiles, using either drag and drop or the dedicated button. You can also select an entire folder as the application automatically generates the checksum for each detected file. There are several types of hash values that can be used to analyze the integrity of your files, namely MD5, SHA1, CRC32 and SHA, and you can set the application to generate only a certain type or all of them. You only need to refresh the displayed list in order to view the newly generated checksums for th files you have selected.

FairStars HashFiles 1. Support Drag and Drop: supports dragging and dropping files or folders from the File Explorer into the window of the converter. Easy-to-use user-friendly interface. More Similar Software. FairStars Audio Converter 2. You can convert multiple files in a single batch, regardless of their source and target formats.

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