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EASEUS Todo Backup - бесплатный инструмент для резервного копирования не только отдельных разделов и всего диска целиком, но и выбранных пользователем папок и файлов.

С помощью программы можно без особых трудностей выполнить посекторное копирование диска/раздела (с возможностью записи полученного образа на CD/DVD диск, сохранения на внешних носителях или загрузки на FTP сервер), производить резервное копирование по расписанию, а также за пару кликов мыши осуществлять миграцию или клонирование диска для переноса данных на другой диск.

Кроме того приложение располагает инструментами для создания загрузочного диска на базе Win PE, с помощью которого можно в любой момент восстановить операционную систему при возникновении аппаратных сбоев, после вирусных атак или удаления системных файлов.

EaseUS Trial version. User rating User Rating 6. Backup Management:Easily manage backup job and automatically delete the out-of-date backup images, saving storage space. System Restore: Quickly recover your entire Windows system backup in minutes to the original or new location using a Linux or WinPE bootable media. Sometimes publishers take a little while to make this information available, so please check back in a few days to see if it has been updated. Head over to our Contact page and let us know.

EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation v Full Activation:

EaseUS Todo Backup is a full-featured backup solution that can create copies of your files, partitions, disks, or even the whole operating system, and recover them in the event of a system crash or heavy malware infection. Although it contains advanced settings, the tool addresses all types of users, even those less experienced. Creating a backup job is very easy. You can tinker with several backup settings to help you speed up the backup job and secure the new image file. For example, it is possible to adjust the compression level, specify the CPU priority, point out the target folder, edit backup plan details, adopt an image-reserve strategy, password-protect the image, as well as schedule the backup to automatically run on its own once or recurrently. Full, incremental and differential backup types are available. It is also possible to check images for errors, clone or remove them from the disk, study logs and easily compile reports with any errors, build emergency disks for WinPE or Linux systems, shred files, mount images to local drives, as well as enable the pre-installed operating system. These are just part of the options provided by this software utility.

EaseUS ToDo Backup! Best Back Up Software!:

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How to backup your computer - The ultimate EaseUS Todo Backup Home Guide:

Log into your account. Forgot your password? Create an account. Register for an account. EASEUS Todo Backup is a complete and reliable disaster recovery solution to backup system, data, files and folders, hard drive partition. It not only provides convenient user-interface to simplify your tasks but also enables you to backup and restore an image of your partitions or entire hard disk. This backup manager enables users to backup and restore data in multiple ways for their data security.

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