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Better Explorer - отличная замена стандартному Проводнику в ОС Windows, которая позволяет добавить ряд удобных функций, как например Панель Инструментов, вкладки и пр.

Присутсвует поддержка темной темы, настраиваемая панель быстрого доступа, возможность настраивать вид и размер значков, создавать закладки, сохранять коллекции вкладок, имеется поддержка "горячих" клавиш, настройка прозрачности окон, корзина и т.п.

Ключевые особенности программы:

Better Explorer is a file explorer alternative to the classic Windows explorer, that adds new tabs and bars to the interface in order to increase the effectiveness and usefulness of your search results. The Better Explorer start page is capable of managing, copying, moving, renaming, and deleting any file you select, be it one-by-one, or all at once. Through the sharing section, you can compress your files to make file transfer faster, and share them with different networks. Viewing options contain commands related with how you view your files, with the ability to switch between styles, manage available columns, and order and group your content however you like. Better Explorer is also compatible with multiple tabs, just like a web browser, so that you can maintain several folders open at the same time.

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Better Explorer. By DimitarCC Watch. Better Explorer Beta 3 Update 2 has been released! You can download the latest version at [link] Beta 3 Update 2 Changes Released Beta 3 Update 1 Changes Released 2. Beta 3 Changes Released 1.

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Windows Explorer for Windows 10 does a decent job. But there are still a lot of features that could make it truly great. To set it as your default Explorer, just click on Tools and Options , then in the Default File Manager pane, change the setting to Replace Explorer for all folders. Q-Dir is short for Quad-Directory Explorer. This is because by default it opens with four explorer panes open, which you can resize in whatever configuration you like. It includes all the standard features you enjoy in your default Windows Explorer, plus all of the following:.

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