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USB Protection & Recovery - небольшая бесплатная утилита, обеспечивающая защиту от вредоносных программ, которые пытаются проникнуть на компьютер через USB - накопители. Также помогает восстановить скрытые и спрятанные файлы  на USB - носителях в результате последствий воздействия вирусных программ. Имеет простой интерфейс и практически не потребляет ресурсы системы. Программа совместима с популярными антивирусами.

Программа разработана для решения двух взаимосвязанных задач одновременно:

  1. Основная задача обнаружения и удаления вредоносных программ, пытающихся заразить компьютер через USB - накопители. USB Protection & Recovery автоматически просканирует все подключенные к ПК USB - накопители и при нахождении вредоносных программ отобразит их в главном окне программы. При этом пользователю лишь остается определить, что удалить, а что нет.  
  2. Восстановление скрытых и спрятанных папок и файлов  на USB - носителях в результате последствий воздействия вирусных программ. Некоторые вредоносные вирусные программы могут изменять атрибуты, спрятать папок и файлов на флешке. Вручную не всегда возможно обычному пользователю восстановить папку с вашей информацией, т.к. атрибут установлен как «системно скрытый». Восстановление спрятанные вирусом папки и файлы  обычному пользователю делает практически не возможным и создает много проблем.

Возможности USB Protection & Recovery:

Using the program helps prevent accidental deletion of modification of files on your thumb drive or other connected devices. It works by activating OS-based features, much like the Windows Explorer properties window. Devices should be unplugged before running USB Write Protect as it is only activated when a device is recognized. USB Write Protect provides a very basic function which is useful in certain situations and not to be written off, especially since its a niche freeware application designed for one function. This download is licensed as freeware for the Windows bit and bit operating system on a laptop or desktop PC from file and folder protection software without restrictions. USB Write Protect 2.

3 Proven Ways to Recover Deleted Files from a USB Drive:

Phone Transfer. Does your SD card become write protected? Write protection is regarded as a data protection mechanism that disallows your storage device with saved data to be modified or erased. Once your USB flash disk, SD card, internal or external hard drive is write-protected, you can neither access the saved data nor do any changes to the device. In a word, you cannot add files in or remove any saved data in your device with write protection enabled. When you try to format a disk or manage data on it but receive the error message " The disk is write protected ", it means that you can no longer use the current device until remove the write protection from the bottom to the top.

Remove/FIX/Disable Write Protection from Dell USB drive (Recovery Drive) - With Proof:

Nowadays, most of us have one or more USB flash drives, which are usually used to store and transfer data among computers, create Windows To Go workspace , install and run portable applications, connect to a wireless network, and backup files. Some users who often use USB drives may have come across the following error messages. I have tried various methods to solve this but all are not working. There is no write protection switch on it. I am using Windows 7. Please give me solution to fix it. Remove the write-protection or use another disk.

How to Remove Write Protection on USB drive - 2016:

Meet Jimmy. Jimmy is an employee in your company. He Does Things With Computers official title. Last Wednesday, as Jimmy got out of his car after parking in the company-owned parking lot, he saw something on the ground. Jimmy picks up the drive, whistling along to himself as he enters the office and settles down in his cubicle. At which point he plugs in his new, free USB flash drive. Next up, we have Zee, who has been working on an important new account. These are pretty scary scenarios — but they are possible.

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