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S.S.E. File Encryptor - шифратор файлов для ПК. Поможет надежно зашифровать ваши личные и конфиденциальные файлы или целые папки.

Особенности S.S.E. File Encryptor:

Cryptomator is a simple tool for digital self-defense. It allows you to protect your cloud data by yourself and independently. For you as a user, this means that everyone can see the code. In addition to independent security audits , the software is continuously and publicly tested in an automated way and has a measurable code quality and test coverage that is far above the industry average. For anyone using cloud storage, thie is an absolute MUST in my opinion, especially these days.

The Complete VeraCrypt Encryption Tutorial:

Released: Apr 28, Encrypt and decrypt files and streams in AES Crypt format version 2. View statistics for this project via Libraries. Tags AES, Crypt, encrypt, decrypt. This implies that an attacker with write access to the encrypted file may alter the corresponding plaintext file size by up to 15 bytes. NOTE: there is no low-level memory management in Python, hence it is not possible to wipe memory areas were sensitive information was stored.

End to End Encryption (E2EE) - Computerphile:

The technology enables files to be transparently encrypted to protect confidential data from attackers with physical access to the computer. EFS is available in all versions of Windows except the home versions see Supported operating systems below from Windows onwards. Cryptographic file system implementations for other operating systems are available, but the Microsoft EFS is not compatible with any of them. When an operating system is running on a system without file encryption, access to files normally goes through OS-controlled user authentication and access control lists. However, if an attacker gains physical access to the computer, this barrier can be easily circumvented. One way, for example, would be to remove the disk and put it in another computer with an OS installed that can read the filesystem; another, would be to simply reboot the computer from a boot CD containing an OS that is suitable for accessing the local filesystem. The most widely accepted solution to this is to store the files encrypted on the physical media disks, USB pen drives, tapes, CDs and so on.

Android: Message Encryption and Steganography Tutorial:

AES Crypt is a file encryption software available on several operating systems that uses the industry standard Advanced Encryption Standard AES to easily and securely encrypt files. You do not need to be an expert to use AES Crypt, nor do you need to understand cryptography. On the command line, one can execute the "aescrypt" command with name of the file and password to use to encrypt or decrypt. For Python enthusiasts, there is a command-line utility with source code that can be used to integrate AES Crypt functionality into your own Python applications. Using a powerful bit encryption algorithm, AES Crypt can safely secure your most sensitive files. Once a file is encrypted, you do not have to worry about a person reading your sensitive information, as an encrypted file is completely useless without the password. It simply cannot be read.

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