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SpyShelter Free Anti-Keylogger - защита от кейлоггеров в режиме реального времени. Защищает от известных и неизвестных угроз, которые не были еще обнаружены антивирусными лабораториями, и контролирует уязвимые и слабые места в системе компьютера.

Быстрая работа алгоритма не замедляет работу компьютера при сканировании на наличие опасных элементов.

Защищает от перехвата личных данных банковскими троянами, шпионскими программами, кейлоггерами, а также от воздействия угроз и попыток кражи важной информации. Защищает важную информацию от атак, даже когда вы делаете обычный действия на компьютере: вводите данные, снимаете скриншоты, открываете файлы.

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Внимание. C 13 октября 2016 года бесплатная версия SpyShelter Free Anti-Keylogger больше не поддерживается разработчиком.

Write A Review. SpyShelter Free is an effective and easy-to-use security application that helps you to protect your system against known and unknown custom compiled malware such as keystroke loggers. SpyShelter constantly monitors all vulnerable areas in your operating system to ensure that your personal data is being protected from information-stealing malware. Those modules ensure that your computer is being protected from hostile intrusions that may expose your private information. It means that SpyShelter Free is able to detect and stop the most sophisticated zero day financial malware, even before anti-virus labs discover a way to detect and remove it! Fast and secure processing algorithm ensures very low, barely noticeable system resource usage, meaning that SpyShelter will not slow your computer down.

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How to remove or detect a keylogger? If you suspect someone stole your password, chances are, it could be your girlfriend or boyfriend that installed a Keylogger, also known as a rootkit virus. Keyloggers are legal when used according to the law for monitoring your underage children, however, such tools can be abused for sinister use such as stealing Hotmail and Gmail password, not to mention stealing credit card information. What is a rootkit virus? A rootkit for Windows systems is a program that penetrates into the system and intercepts the system functions Windows API. It can effectively hide its presence by intercepting and modifying low-level API functions. Moreover it can hide the presence of particular processes, folders, files and registry keys.

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Security experts consider keylogging as the most dangerous threat because it allows cyber criminals to capture everything you type on your keyboard. This includes passwords so that they can gain access to your online accounts such as your email, banking, forums, websites and etc to steal valuable information. If keystroke logging is not damaging enough, your webcam, screen, clipboard and microphone can also be secretly captured and logged without your knowledge. There are a couple of different methods to protect yourself against keyloggers. First you can use an on-screen virtual keyboard where your mouse will be used to select the keys when entering your password instead of typing it from the physical keyboard that is logged. A good antivirus can also recognize some of the known and unknown keyloggers through virus definition or heuristic analysis.

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SpyShelter is a Poland software company that was founded in , and offers a software title called SpyShelter Anti-Keylogger. SpyShelter Anti-Keylogger offers training via documentation. SpyShelter Anti-Keylogger offers a free version, and free trial. SpyShelter Anti-Keylogger is computer security software, and includes features such as file access control, real time monitoring, and vulnerability protection. SpyShelter Anti-Keylogger includes online support. You seem to have CSS turned off. Please provide the ad click URL, if possible:.

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