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Combofix - бесплатная программа, сканирующая ваш компьютер на наличие вредоносного ПО и автоматического удаления его при обнаружении. Рекомендуется как средство последней надежды. Находит и удаляет червей, троянов, шпионов и записи реестра, которые могли быть созданы вредоносными программами.

По окончанию сканирования предоставляет подробный отчет ComboFix.txt, с помощью которого можно провести анализ заражен компьютер или нет.

Особенности Combofix:

Внимание! Приложение предназначено для опытных пользователей, т.к. часто сбивает настройки системы. Рекомендуется делать бэкапы данных и точки восстановления.

ComboFix is a program written by sUBs, that removes spyware, malware, rogue antispyware apps and Vundo infections. Also it deletes a bunch of files related to the infections and is updated fairly regularly. When Combofix finished, it will produce a report for you. Power user can use the report to search and remove infections that are not automatically removed. Please use the official ComboFix guide bleepingcomputer.

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Do you have a GitHub project? Now you can sync your releases automatically with SourceForge and take advantage of both platforms. This utility was designed in batch. I have been working on this tool for 3 years now. It supports XP all the way to windows 8. Contains many utilities such as ComboFix , malwarebytes, hijackthis, and many more. It includes fixes for several windows bugs and some tweaks. You seem to have CSS turned off.

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This specialized utility automatically removes any malware in addition to viruses and requires no installation. ComboFix is an advanced tool to help clean a computer of malware and other issues. Unlike some other types of antivirus and system cleaners, ComboFix does not put a pretty face on the process. There is no flashy interface. Most of what ComboFix does is through a simple console panel. This can make using the program difficult or confusing for anyone who is used to being guided by a graphical user interface or wizard. Despite the lack of a complete user interface, ComboFix remains one of the most effective programs to detect, analyze and remove problems related to malware. ComboFix was actually created by computer technicians to start handling problems that other antivirus programs could not repair.

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