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Paul's Extreme Sound Stretch - простая в использовании утилита, позволяющая замедлять воспроизведение аудиофайлов, получая таким образом довольно интересно звучащие композиции. Замедление осуществляется посредством установки специального коэффициента, который можно вносить как вручную, так и выставить с помощью ползунка. Кроме того можно настраивать громкость, а также включать фильтры, компрессию и бинауральные изменения звука, смещать высоту тона и октавы. Готовые треки можно сохранить в виде WAV или OGG файла.

Advertisements This is a program for stretching the audio. It is suitable only for extreme sound stretching of the audio like 50x and for applying special effects by "spectral smoothing" the sounds. You can download the source code for Linux or the Windows binaries. Please note that this is suitable only for extreme time stretching e. If you want "less extreme" time stretching, you can use a program which contains the SoundTouch library. While most sound stretching software sounds bad when trying to stretch the sounds a lot, this one is optimized for extreme sound stretching.

Resynthesis with Paul Stretch:

My "Calm Synthesizer, A. Then I added some extra reverb in Audacity and this is the result. This sound is NOT in the public domain. If you would prefer to not have to give attribution, then take a look at the attribution-free license. If any of these sounds have been of help, and you are feeling charitable, please do consider donating to Freesound to help keep the site running a link is also on the home page. Any donations are greatly appreciated! And for more awesome sounds, do please check out my sound libraries or SFX store. Feel free to credit on IMDb Patreon.

Paul's Extreme Sound Stretch - 1 hour of slowed down piano:

Of course, some amount of time-stretching distortion is always present, but this is often used as a creative effect. The workflow is quite simple. From there, you can isolate any part of the recorded audio with the sample length slider and proceed with the actual time-stretching of the content. Whereas some of the advanced functionality is not for the faint of heart, the most important actions like time-stretching and pitch shifting are easy to pull off with just a couple of clicks. The author is releasing new versions on a regular basis, fixing bugs and improving the overall user experience.

PaulStretch Tutorial 01 - Sound Design:

What is Audiobus? Chain effects on your favourite synth, run the output of apps or Audio Units into an app like GarageBand or Loopy, or select a different audio interface output for each app. And control your entire setup from a MIDI controller. There was a thread about this, some months ago. The short answer is no. The nearest thing would be the excellent AudioStretch. Otherwise, if you want to do some of the more extreme sound stretching, Audacity for the desktop contains some of the Paul Stretch effects. Zen said: There was a thread about this, some months ago.

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